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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Text: Luís Cardoso

Phil Read, MV AGUSTA, 500cc World Champion in 1974 (trailer)

The documentary film LE CHEVAL DE FER refers to the 1974 season of the Road Racing World ​Championship.

If there was only one movie about the motorcycling world to watch, treasure, savor, it would be this one.

LE CHEVAL DE FER left a lasting mark on the minds of enthusiasts. A testament to a bygone era, when motorcycling legends fought a real battle on the track, this French documentary was filmed by Pierre-William Glenn in 1974 and released in France the following year.

Franco Bonera, MV AGUSTA (11), 500cc World Vice-Champion in 1974 (trailer)

Chosen in honor of the American director John Ford, the title of the documentary LE CHEVAL DE FER also suggests that the viewer is about to dive into a modern western.

Here, horses have given way to powerful and noisy machines that run at full speed on the asphalt in a universe where death is lurking around every corner!

LE CHEVAL DE FER (trailer)

Specifically, the film recounts the 12 Grand Prix that were part of the World Road Racing ​​Championship in 1974, focusing on the best French riders of the time.

Thus, throughout the documentary, we will be able to meet faces known to fans of the so-called Continental Circus, such as Patrick Pons, Michel Rougerie or champions René Guili, Bernard Fau or Gérard Choukroun.

LE CHEVAL DE FER discovers the European circuits of the time, the French riders and their rivals: Giacomo Agostini, Barry Sheene, Phil Read or Jack Findlay.

Legendary names, etched forever in the annals of motorcycling.

Focused on the riders, the film does not, however, neglect their mounts and shows some magnificent sequences of races where YAMAHA coexist with SUZUKI and, among others, MV AGUSTA.

Teuvo Lansivuori, YAMAHA, 3rd place in the 500cc World Championship in 1974 (trailer)


Datasheet: Director: Pierre-William Glenn Producer: Pierre-William Glenn Duration: 1h47 Publication date: 1975


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