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1981, CASAL, the 50cc world speed record

About 30 years ago, on the 3rd of August 1981, rider Jan Huberts broke the world speed record with a motorcycle with a CASAL 50cc engine, achieving the incredible top speed of 224,580 km/h (at a distance of 1 km with launched start). The partnership between the Portuguese factory CASAL and the Dutch firm HUVO (owned by Jan Huberts and Jaap Voskamp) since the 1970s has allowed CASAL to supply various assemblies with competitive 50cc solutions, using advanced materials and design. for the time, where CASAL mounted its 50cc engines and 5-speed gearboxes (the initial preparation of these engines was also carried out by HUVO), and later the 80cc engines and 6-speed gearboxes. The HUVO/CASAL partnership enabled the competitiveness necessary to participate in several events of the National Motocross Championship, the National Road Racing Championship and even the World Road Racing ​​Championship, with 50cc and later 80cc engines. The pilot Jan Nijhuys, on October 12, 1980, broke the world speed record in the distance of 1/4 mile from a standstill, in his CASAL Sparta Plompen 50cc, achieving a maximum speed of 94.290 km/h. Enthusiastic about this feat, Jan Huberts decided to try to beat the world speed record in the 50cc Class.


CASAL commissioned the construction of the motorcycle to the renowned specialist in the manufacture of frames for competition, Piet Plompen, who together with his team designed the CASAL Plompen 50cc cigar. Thus, on the 3rd and 4th of August 1981, on a new section, not yet open to traffic, of the A6 motorway near Lelystad (Holland), Jan Huberts with his CASAL Huvo Plompen 50cc broke the world speed records for the distance of 1 km with the start launched with the mark of 224,580 km/h and for the distance of 1 mile with the departure launched with the mark of 222,026 km/h. This record was held until 2006, when it was broken in Bonneville by the BUDDFAB cigar equipped with a supercharged MINARELLI engine which set the mark of 233.30 km/h for the mile launched. The original CASAL Huvo Plompen 50cc model was displayed in the 50cc collection of the Motor Museum in Lexmond, Netherlands, which unfortunately closed its doors on October 15, 2007.




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