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1984/5, Trevor Nation's passage through Vila Real

The British rider Trevor Nation participated in the '84 and '85 editions of the scoring event for the FIM TOURIST TROPHY, held in Vila Real. In either of the two editions, their participation has more history than the consultation of the results shows. In 1984 he participated in both races/classes (in both, in the DUCATI of SPORTS MOTORCYCLES by the wizard Steve Wynne - curiously with CAGIVA stickers, Castiglioni "oblige" -), in TT2 he was 6th and in TT1 he was 3rd. The results are worth mentioning by themselves, even more so because he competed in two races and, mainly, obtained these results with a broken collarbone the week before the race!!...

In 1985, he was registered only in TT1 with DUCATI (SPORTS MOTORCYCLES). On the first day of the event (practice Friday), he didn't show up, Steve Wynne didn't have half measures and put Geoff Johnson on tthe bike initially intended for Trevor Nation. On Saturday Trevor showed up (he had taken the motorcycle trip with a group of friends and they forgot the time..., one of his companions Les Patinson was the bass of ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN) to discover that he didn't have a motorcycle to race . He removed the turn signals and other props from the bike he had made the trip on (a completely standard SUZUKI GSXR 750) and went to the track. In the race, he was 2nd during the first few laps until he was irreparably delayed with the gear lever loosened.


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