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CHRONICLE OF THE GOOD RASCALS - From an early age, Soichiro Honda's entrepreneurship!!!...

Text: Luís Cardoso

Much can be written about the founder of HONDA, he was a highly successful entrepreneur, the brand he created has long been a reference in the motorcycle and automobile industry.

However, as a curiosity, Soichiro Honda (1906-1991), so the story goes, was not a very diligent student. When attending primary school in Japan, it was common for schools to send grade reports for students to show their parents, each family had its own stamp that identified the household, in this circumstance, each student should deliver the stamped report to the school, thus proving that his parents had been aware of the report in question. Not wanting his parents to realize his poor school performance, Soichiro faked a stamp from a bicycle pedal rubber, subtracted from his father's workshop!!! As an entrepreneur that he already was at the time, he sold his "skill" to colleagues who felt the need for it!!! Until, the scam was discovered and this business ended, a counterfeiter was lost and a great entrepreneur was gained!!!



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