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French GP (Paul Ricard), 1984, Kenny Roberts shows how to do it!

Texto: Luís Cardoso

Fotos: web

Wayne Rainey, 1984, YAMAHA 250cc / Marlboro Roberts Team

After the end of the 1983 season, Kenny Roberts retired from racing as a very successful rider and created his first structure to compete in the World Championship in the 250cc class, the Marlboro Roberts Team.

The choice of motorcycles fell on the YAMAHA, the brand he used throughout his career as a professional rider.

As riders he chose two young boys, the Englishman Alan Carter who in 83, his debut year in the World Championship, was the protagonist of a surprising victory in the French GP and the North American Wayne Rainey who the previous year had become AMA Superbike champion!

1984, Alan Carter, Kenny Roberts and Wayne Rainey

Expectations were high but reality was a little harsh on "King" Kenny's natural aspirations.

Alan Carter was not, during that year and throughout the rest of his career, for multiple reasons, able to realize the potential that everyone believed he possessed!

Rainey, in turn, found everything strange, the environment, the circuits and the life of a rider of that level, at the end of the season he returned to the USA to come back later, what he achieved during his second foray is known story!

Alan Carter, 1984, YAMAHA 250cc / Marlboro Roberts Team

During the 1984 season, at the French GP, an episode became very well known: during practice, the riders complained about the performance of their bikes and Roberts, fed up with complaints, went to get his equipment (suit, helmet, boots and gloves). ), got on one of the bikes and did 5 laps!

Despite not having ridden on a circuit since the end of the previous season and never having ridden these bikes, he took a second off his pupils' best time!

After the feat, he had a meeting that lasted 20 seconds with Alan and Wayne and told them: "I have two important points to tell you: 1 - You are idiots and 2- Get on your bikes and full throttle! Now, once that you no longer need me, I'm going back home."



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