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Oeiras, CNV, class 125 Livre,1989.

Text, movie and photos: Alberto Pires (

Keep the 19 minutes of the video, it's enlightening of what happened!

The superior progress of the Livre, in relation to the Promotion class, showed at times the risk that was to make these bikes race on this circuit.

Pedro Geirinhas accident was nothing more than a fright, but it was an alarm.

Jorge Dias, CAGIVA

In the 125 Livre Jorge Dias took the best over all, imposing an excellent progress from the beginning.


Jorge Dias, CAGIVA

Pedro Geirinhas still tried to follow the rider of Cagiva but would eventually suffer a violent fall.

Joaquim Cidade, APRILIA

It would be Joaquim Cidade to finish second, after breaking free from the group in which he was riding, and Luis Catarino returned to the podium, to be in third position.

Luís Catarino, APRLIA



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