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SANVENERO, a short-term adventure

In 1980, Emilio Sanvenero, a great contractor from Tuscany, a speed motorcycle enthusiast and, at the time, sponsor of the MBA, decided to create his own brand to, from 1981, compete in the World Championship in the 125cc and 500cc classes. . The 125cc (2T, 2 cylinders in a transverse line with rotary valve intake) was modeled on the MBA and had a swingarm designed by Antonio Cobas. In addition to the official motorcycles, 10 customer competition units were also produced to be sold to private riders. The 500cc was very much inspired by the SUZUKI RG (2T, square 4 cylinders with rotary valve intake). It had a different diameter x stroke ratio than the SUZUKI, the fact that it had a smaller stroke meant that the engine would make more revolutions and, consequently, a more pointed behavior than the Japanese one, developing 120 hp. The crankcase parts were produced at CAMPAGNOLO, the gearboxes at CIMA, the crankshafts at HOECKLE, the cylinders and pistons at MAHLE, the frames were produced by Nico Bakker. In 1982, Emilio convinced the entire MBA staff - which had closed its doors in the meantime - to accompany him on this adventure. The adventure ended at the end of 1982 when the company became insolvent!


Pier Paolo Bianchi (nr. 3) and Guy Bertin (nr.2)

The 125cc was immediately competitive and in 1981 it won two GPs. At Monza (GP of Nations) Guy Bertin won, while Ricardo Tormo won at Anderstorp (Swedish GP). At the end of the championship Bertin was 6th and Tormo 8th. Among the builders, SANVENERO ranked 3rd. In 1982 Tormo won at Spa-Francorchamps (Belgian GP) and at the end of the year Pier Paolo Bianchi was 4th, Tormo was 5th, Hugo Vignetti was 11th and Olivier Liégeois was 24th. Among the constructors, the brand was once again in 3rd. Despite the fact that in 1983 the brand was no longer active, Pier Paolo Bianchi was left with enough material to fulfill another season. In these conditions, he managed to reach 3rd position twice in Hockenheim (German GP) and in Jarama (Spanish GP).



Carlo Perugini

In 1981, Carlo Perugini raced the 500cc without much shine, he didn't get any points and the development work proved to be more time consuming than initially anticipated.


Michel Frutschi

In 1982, as a result of a strike by the main drivers and teams, due to the lack of safety at the Nogaro circuit (French GP), the Swiss Michel Frutschi obtained the only victory of the brand in this class, he also scored, this time with all the competition present, in Spa-Francorchamps (Belgian GP) where he was 9th. At the end of the year it was 14th in the championship, while SANVENERO was 5th among the constructors. This year, Bertin also crewed the bike without getting any points.



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