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The Flying Doctor, Rodger Freeth, the visionary with wings!

Today's aerodynamic appendages, so in vogue on competition bikes, do not bring, contrary to what one might think, anything new.

In fact, in the 70s of the last century, about 50 years ago, there were at least two attempts that became famous: . in 1972, MV AGUSTA builds a racing prototype, 500cc/4 cylinders; . a few years later, Rodger Freeth, a New Zealander, altered a YAMAHA TZ 750 to integrate front and rear wings. Without the means of analysis that the technology we have today allows, intuition and empirical knowledge sent, which in Rodger Freeth's case was still supported by his practice as a competition pilot, in New Zealand, and by a PhD in astrophysics, circumstances which, naturally, qualified him for the claim in question.


Rodger's bike was apparently effective, as the timesheets showed, but the technology was eventually banned because, in the opinion of his opponents, it made cohabitation on the track dangerous. Dr Rodger Vincent Freeth (1953.12.24 – 1993.09.18) in addition to his successful academic career successfully competed in the 70's/80's of the last century in the New Zealand speed motorcycle scene. He also participated in car races, was the national tourism champion and set a speed record, 315 km/h, riding a LOLA Indycar. He later became a car rally navigator, where he died due to a violent accident during the Australian Rally when he was sailing alongside his friend “Possum” Bourne! Today the MotoGP technicians prove him right!


photos MV Agusta: Phil Aynsley

photos YAMAHA, autor(es) desconhecido(s)



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