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1899-1978, Burt Munro - the true biker spirit!!...

More important than the feats that Burt Munro (1899-1978) achieved, the way he achieved them makes him an icon of motorcycling.

His dreams were extraordinary, he faced them with poetic determination and having managed to fulfill them in the autumn of his life makes him a unique character. Born and lived in New Zealand, professionally he was a carpenter. During the second World War he served in the "New Zealand Home Guard", he was a Speedway racer, a motorcycle salesman, a mechanic and, for history, the fact that in 1962 (at the age of 63) he set a World Record of 288.00 km/h in Bonneville (USA). After this great feat, he returned on ten occasions to the same place, having achieved three records (one of which remains until today - in 1967, 320.00 km/h on a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of up to 1,000cc). In 2006 he was inducted into the AMA's MOTORCYCLE HALL OF FAME. Another fantastic feature of his achievements is the fact that he managed to achieve success riding a 1920 INDIAN Scout (the bike's maximum speed in its original state was 88.00 km/h) transformed over the years by himself.

In 1971, a documentary about his achievements was published: "Burt Munro Offerings to the god of speed"

In 2005, the biographical film "The World Fastest INDIAN" was published in which Anthony Hopkins magnificently portrays the role of Burt Munro, a very good film that must be seen.



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