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AS MOTOS DA NOSSA VIDA / A sentimental trip to the memory of Portuguese motorcycles, is another fantastic book by Pedro Pinto.

Once again, my friend Pedro Pinto shares his great knowledge and passion in the clear sense of preserving memories of motorcycling history.


In this work, the once great vitality of Portuguese industry becomes clear. For some, the term "protectionism" will be the justification for such vitality, for me and others, that vitality was real and only ended due to the fierce, without fair rules, globalization that, in the service of a few, hypocritically, mortgaged the industrial capacity of the so-called Western World. The results of this logic are visible today, the world is exclusively dependent on the industrial capacity of the East!

Economics aside, this work details from A to Z all the national production, its inspirations, competition as well as the beginnings of sport motorcycling in Portugal.

Written with passion and feeling, as well as sharing a wealth of knowledge duly documented and witnessed, this book makes extensive use of period photos that make it an indispensable document for all lovers of motorcycle history. In the "Introduction", Pedro Pinto begins by saying: "Writing about the motorcycles and motorcycles that Portugal manufactured and that helped to develop and modernize the country is to return to a decisive time when the rural country was industrialized..." A book not to be missed. Congratulations to Pedro Pinto for the authorship and to the publisher QUETZAL for providing us with this work.

As Motos da Nossa Vida de Pedro Pinto

ISBN: 9789897226175

Edição/Reimpressão: 11-2020

Editor: Quetzal Editores

Idioma: Português

Dimensões: 235 x 266 x 18 mm

Encadernação: Capa dura

Páginas: 200


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