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DORNA, 31 years with the World Road Racing ​​Championship

Wayne Rainey, YAMAHA, Campeão do Mundo de Velocidade 500cc

Wayne Rainey, YAMAHA, World Road Racing Champion 500cc


Luca Cadalora, HONDA, World Road Racing Champion 250cc e Alessandro Gramigni, APRILIA, World Road Racing Champion 125cc

2022 marks the 31st anniversary of DORNA's intervention in the World Road Racing ​​Championship. In the pre-DORNA era, from 1949 to 1991 inclusive, the World Road Racing ​​Championship reached a high level of popularity, yet the level of promotion and communication did not keep up with the rise in popularity. The security requirement and the level of costs that this and other requirements entailed necessitated a more professional approach. DORNA Sports is a company, founded in 1988 with headquarters in Madrid, with the aim of acting in sports marketing. An agreement was made involving DORNA, the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme), the IRTA (International Road Racing Teams Association) and the MSMA (Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers' Association). The intention was to transfer commercial and marketing management to DORNA, which, in return, is obliged to promote and provide the necessary means for the structure of the championship. Unfortunately, by DORNA's demand, the Sidecar class was abolished. For the public, the most visible face of DORNA is the broadcasts of the races and it can only be said that, at this level, DORNA has achieved excellence. The first champions of the DORNA era were Wayne Rainey (500cc), Luca Cadalora (250cc) and Alessandro Gramigni (125cc). Before DORNA entered the game, the "Continental Circus", as the paddock was known, was much less professional, yet also much more poetic. Today, a level of professionalism and a level of competitiveness has been reached that are a huge distance from the pre-DORNA era. Currently, the company is increasingly focused on promoting speed motorcycle racing and in its portfolio, in addition to MOTOGP, it has rights in SBK, CEV REPSOL, RED BULL ROOKIES CUP and ASIA TALENT CUP. This post was last updated on 2022.06.21

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of DORNA

GP do Japão, Suzuka, 1992, the 1st of DORNA era


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