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ONE SHOT - Dane Rowe

This iconic and widely replicated photo by the renowned Jan Burgers portrays Dane Rowe, English. As a passenger in a sidecar, she was part of the "Continental Circus", the then informal name of the World Road Racing ​​Championship. Initially, she was a passenger for Bill Copson and later her path crossed with Rudi Kurth and that resulted in one of the most iconic couples of the 70's. They shared life, driving the Sidecar and managing the small structure with which they participated in the races! At the end of the 60s and until the middle of the following decade, the Swiss Rudi Kurth became notable as a rider and as a vanguard technician in Sidecars. He also designed a 500cc motorcycle, the MONARK, a revolutionary motorcycle that was unable to overcome budgetary difficulties in order to assert its attributes.




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