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ONE SHOT - Soili Karme, Jarno Saarinen and the informality of the 70s

This fantastic snapshot of Soili Karme, in the early 1970s, showing lap time out for her husband, the late Finnish star Jarno Saarinen, is a mirror of informality, long lost in the world of motorcycling at the highest level! This was an iconic couple until Jarno's tragic disappearance on May 20, 1973 during the GP of Nations in Monza. Until the end of 1972, the year in which Jarno became 250cc World Champion, his team consisted of himself as rider, technician and mechanic, helped only by the ever-present Soili!! A reality light years away from the current status quo... Today, the teamwear rules imposed by DORNA give the paddock an aseptic air and, as a consequence, prevent this type of spontaneity!


The ever-present Soili



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