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ONE SHOT - The eccentricities of Walter Migliorati!

Rider Walter Migliorati, born on 7 November 1947 in Brescia (Italy), participated in CMV races between 1979 and 1984. He became a famous figure in the paddock for wearing (flaunting) women's panties on his head inside his helmet. An amulet that, legend has it, belonged to a MARLBORO stewardess! More than for the sporting results, "Balo", as he was known, became popular for his eccentricity, joy and for the female company that, in the paddock, accompanied him. His moments of anger are also famous in which he expressed himself through boxing scenes, usually when he was involved in falls with other pilots. In 1981 he was fined 1,000 USD for having punched Marc Fontan, this did not prevent him from maintaining the dynamics as happened with Fabio Biliotti in 1984. In 1979 he participated in 2 GPs in the 350cc class, between 1980 and 1984, all his participations, 19, were in the 500cc class. At a time when the starting grids normally accommodated 36 pilots who were already selected for a qualification that sometimes pushed 20 or more away from other pilots, being on the starting grid already represented a status. At that time, in each race, only 10 drivers scored. "Balo" at the controls of competition-client motorcycles never, during his worldwide career, got a point! The occasion in which he was closest to the desired goal was at the Belgian GP, ​​the last of his participation in the 500cc of the World Championship, he achieved 11th position! Regardless of his results at the Worlds, he managed a successful professional career that was made possible with participation in Italian and international non-championship competitions (a normal practice at that time).




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