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"Space Riders"

“Space Riders” is a 1984 film directed by Joe Massot and starring Barry Sheene in the performance of his own person. The film tells the story of Barry Sheene's struggle to achieve the title of World Champion and begins with a re-enactment of his near-fatal accident at Brands Hatch and his recovery.


Despite the protagonism belonging to Barry Sheene, he only appears in about 20% of the film's duration, which, in total, has 89 minutes! Most of the film's sequences were shot in Donington Park and the stunt scenes were coordinated by Roy Alon. In the action, Stephanie McLean also plays herself!

The movie trailer

The film was directed, like the script, by Felicity Hibberdine and edited only on VHS.

The songs chosen to accompany the action were “hits” of the time, such as: “Don't Stop Me Now” by QUEEN, “Glittering Prize” by SIMPLE MINDS or “Hungry Like The Wolf” by DURAN DURAN.

Although, to all those who like motorcycling, the subject may seem interesting to us, the end result is, in my opinion, quite weak!!!



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